Type 92 Combat Car

The Pit Road Type 92 is an excellent little kit. It doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles but it is of an interesting subject. As far as I know it’s the only game in town in 1/35 scale for the Type 92. The molding is crisp and while some of the detail leans toward the chunky side it’s still acceptable.

The drawbacks are the vinyl tracks and the complete lack of interior. This is a shame on a vehicle with nice large hatches begging to be left open. The tracks are a cut above the traditional black vinyl tracks found in earlier kits but they are decidedly one dimensional. They also fit very tight around the suspension thus omitting any track sag completely. The teeth on the drive sprocket had to be thinned to almost needle points to get them to mate with the tracks. A set of link and length tracks would have been a nice option here. Overall the vinyl tracks marred what is otherwise an enjoyable kit.

I built the kit pretty much stock box. The fit of the parts was exceptional. No problems at all. The only exceptions to the stock build were simple brush guards of stretched sprue on the headlights, MV lenses, some minor detailing on the machine gun barrels and a piece of wire mesh on the muffler guard. I threw on a tarp and an epoxy air-identification flag for fun.

I painted the vehicle in the standard IJA four color camouflage scheme common in the early days of the Pacific War and during the China Incident. I masked the pattern and used Tamiya acrylics. After post shading I weathered the tank with an overall wash of heavily thinned black artist’s oil paint. I followed this with pastel dry brushing and shading.


  1. Great model! I like the muted color of the flat paint that gives it a realistic look unlike the "shiny" paints.

  2. Oh, additionally, there is another Type 92 from Pit Road that is the "Late" model. It inclues some different details and a 12mm machine cannon in the hull in place of the 7.7 machine gun.