Tamiya F4U-1 Birdcage Corsair

Ah yes, another aircraft! This is the Tamiya F4U-1 Birdcage Corsair in 1/72nd scale. I had my eye on this kit for a while and picked it up in Tokyo when I saw it on a bargain table for 500 yen. What a beautiful little kit. Like just about all of Tamiya’s products, the engineering is impeccable. All parts fit perfectly. I used the Eduard PE set which added a lot to the cockpit area. Not much else to tell… I used Tamiya Light Sea Blue for the upper surfaces and Light Gull Gray for the undersurfaces. I post shaded and gave some nicks and dings with a silver #9 artist pencil. I gave the whole aircraft a wash with black oil paint diluted with mineral spirits. After that I dry brushed the plane with ground light beige and white pastel chalk and lightly shaded the area around the exhaust with black pastels.

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  1. Very nice Corsair👏👍 The pilot name on this Corsair or unit?