Tamiya M113 ACAV kit that has been sitting on my shelf for eons. I added the Eduard PE set, MK tracks (which went together like a charm) and various scratchbuilt bits. I had a devil of a time with the very, very, very old (did I mention they were old?) Tamiya decals and had to improvise. It's a miracle they stuck to the model at all. The skull decal is from another kit. The trim vane extender arm is completely rebuilt. I played on M113s a fair bit in Iraq (none of which had a trim vane) so it was fun to build one from before my time.
The tie downs are resin replacements from Tiger Models. There are a LOT of tie downs and I think they add a lot. I put exposed 35mm film into the periscope blocks and MV lenses in the headlights and IR lamps. I also cut out and raised the cover on the receiver of the left hand M60. The tie downs on the tarp, jerry cans and the cyclone fence are lead foil.
The interior is based on period photos, conjecture and how we loaded them in Iraq. The sad thing is for all the time I spent on the interior you can't see half the work. I spent an entire evening making cans for one of the boxes up by the commander's cupola and you can't see one of them. Weathering was done with post shading, washes and pastels, pretty much in that order. The star on the glacics and the rear ramp are Archer dry transfers.

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