M5A1 Stuart

Finally finished the AFV Club M5A1. Loved the kit. Went together very well though AFV Club has a habit of leaving ejector pin marks in very annoying places like the inside of hatches that are a pain to remove. I also added MV lenses, a scratchbuilt hedgerow cutter and AFV Club individual link tracks (why these aren't included in the kit is a mystery to me) which had sink marks in the face of each and every track link. Ouch. Lots of sanding. Decals are stock. Weathering was post shading, washes and pastels. Very light chipping was done with a #9B aritst's pencil. The periscopes are detailed with exposed 35mm photo film.

The cotton machine gun ammo belt on the M1919 is cigarette rolling paper crimped over the outside ribbing on a Tamiya paint lid. I threw it on there for the heck of it to see how it would look. Still not sure if it works.
I added the Verlinden interior and PE which was ok, but nothing to write home about.
Stowage is facial tissue, cheesecloth and a Tamiya ration box. The aircraft panel marker is lead foil, as are the tool tiedown straps.
The mud was a first time experiment and I was plesantly surprised with the outcome. It's ground pastel chalk and laquer thinner. I mixed some static grass in the built up mud in on the hull.

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  1. Pleasing to the eye, nice restrained weathering. I just finished my first tank, Tamiya's M5a1, and was doing a Yahoo search of this tank model and came across this example. Again, very realistic. I am hoping to find a site where I can post pictures of my M5 for critique, criticism, and critical review.