Tamiya N1K2 George

I do actually build aircraft from time to time. This is the Tamiya N1K2 George in 1/72 scale. I added the Eduard photoetch set which added a lot I thought. The cockpit in particular was very nice. The kit comes with a single piece canopy. It would have been a sin to cover up all that beautiful Czechoslovakian metal so I cut the canopy hood out and set the front and back pieces and placed the center section of Falcon vacuform canopy in the open position. The two canopies didn’t fit very well, but it accomplished what I was going for which was to show off the instrument panel and all the other details.
The kit went together nicely and was very straight forward. I painted it with Tamiya IJN Green and post shaded with heavily thinned base color heavily tinted with Desert Yellow.
I chipped the paint around the traffic areas on the wing, leading edges and around access panels with a silver artist’s pencil.
I used black oil mixed with burnt umber thinned with turpentine took care of recessed and panel lines. After giving it a few days to dry thoroughly I used pastel pigments on the highlights.
The decals were set with liberal amounts of Mirco Set and Micro Sol followed up with a coat of Testors Dullcote.

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